Little Haiti Mural Project
Little Haiti Mural Project


The primary goal for this project is to beautify and rejuvenate Little Haiti without changing its spirit, by working with community leaders and residents.

Little Haiti Mural Project is on the committee spearheaded by the NE 2nd Ave Partnership that launched Art Beat Miami This group came together in 2014 to organize a variety of projects and events aimed at establishing the Little Haiti community as a relevant satellite area to Art Basel Miami Beach during Miami Art Week.

Despite coming together with short notice, overall the project was a success, receiving press mentions and a warm welcome from the community. In addition to the mural project, Art Beat Miami included a pop-up gallery at the iconic Caribbean Marketplace, and a handful of other pop up events at other venues in the neighborhood.

The primary concern of the Little Haiti Mural Project in curating the murals, is not to replicate the haphazard wild west aesthetic of Wynwood, but instead have a plan both for the placement of the art, and for the content. They work with each artist ahead of time to ensure their murals reflect aspects of Haitian or Caribbean culture. They also work with each property/business owner to match them with an artist whose style or concept fit their respective environments.

The murals serve to improve the quality of life for residents of the neighborhood by covering up dilapidated or tagged up buildings.

Curated by the Yo Miami Arts Collective

Santiago Rubino

Style: Renaissance
cartooning, Classical
Antiquity landscapes

Juan Travieso

Style: Pop
realism, and

Leza One

Style: Contemporary,
art filled with emotion and drama


Style: Vibrant,
playful and colorful.

Christina Angelina

Urban landscapes, inspirational, adventurous.

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