“The cutting edge is a bleeding edge”, is a line that has haunted Oscar “Trek6” Montes all his life. From his first ventures as a young painter in Miami’s blooming street art scene in the late 80’s to his Sound Art experiments in the new millennium, Trek’s work have always displayed a man’s search for understanding in a world of oddities. Varying in medium and aesthetic the one dominant trait that the entire works share is an eye for the human condition at it’s best and worse, colorful and monochrome. Art has been a lifelong passion and pursuit for Trek, dating back to his art upbringing in the 80’s where he studied under the mentorship of Puerto Rican painters
Andres Bueso and son Andy Bueso where he honed his painting skills and learned what it meant to be an artist. His grandmother owned the first art store in Plaza de Americas (Puerto Rico) and through that work she met many of Puerto Rico’s top artist which she forced Trek to study under on his summers. He would return home to Miami with this new knowledge and love of art and carry it with him on the streets of Miami where he was part of one of the city’s most notorious and oldest graffiti crews STV, creating mural all over the city and throughout the US and Puerto Rico.“Real Bboys move in silence” (Krs-one), is a good way to describe Trek6, inching forward little by little over the years collecting a resume of works and projects that have stayed way ahead of their time. Making artistic decisions that seemed impractical or absurd at the time but are seen as hip and accepted now. “It’s not thinking out of the box, it’s never being the box to begin with”.

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Santiago Rubino

Style: Renaissance
cartooning, Classical
Antiquity landscapes

Juan Travieso

Style: Pop
realism, and

Leza One

Style: Contemporary,
art filled with emotion and drama


Style: Vibrant,
playful and colorful.

Christina Angelina

Urban landscapes, inspirational, adventurous.

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