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Christina Angelina is an internationally renowned artist who was born, raised and is now based in Venice, California. Her rigorous work ethic led to the completion of over 80 murals in 2015 alone. Many of Angelina’s favorite projects have taken place in remote, off the beaten path locations. She strives to provide a source of inspiration in communities relatively untouched by art. Her interactive process engages and forms lasting relationships with locals, which she then channels into a finalized piece.

Angelina’s drive and thirst for adventure keeps her constantly on the road exploring and creating. In her free time, she finds herself seeking out abandoned spaces as a source of inspiration to put towards her work. This is evidenced in one of her personal favorite works entitled “The Tank”, located in Slab City on the southern edge of the Salton Sea.

Her gallery work may be found at Angelina’s very own Starfighter Studios in Venice, and her highly sought-after mural art has beautified urban landscapes all over the world, including Tokyo, Berlin, Belfast, Bali, Dublin, London, Las Vegas, Miami, Reno, Sao Paulo, Havana, Mexico City, Montreal, Southern California, and the Greater New York City Area to name a few.

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